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Sourdough - Sandwich Style Loaf

Multi-Seed Bread | Sandwich Style | Sourdough


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Our Multi-Seed Bread is a sourdough loaf made with organic flour that provide a rich flavor from the seeds (sesame, flax, and sunflower). A loaf that is perfect with both sweet and salty foods.

Size: 8" long and approx. 18 oz (weight may vary as each loaf is handcrafted).

Special Note

We don't recommend slicing this bread as it reduces its shelf life, and each slice will get dry quicker. It is best when sliced as needed, it will taste better and last longer.


Ingredients: flour, levain (flour, water), water, salt, sesame seeds, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds.


16 oz

Storage Information

We recommend keeping your bread uncovered on your counter rather than in the fridge or a plastic bag. We place our loaves cut side down, so that the crumb isn't exposed to air, while the crust slowly stales.* In a sealed plastic bag, the crust will soften, as the moisture from the bread has nowhere to go, eventually leading to a moldy loaf.

If you don't expect to finish your loaf before it stales, freeze it in a plastic bag. Slice it first, to make toasting ever more convenient.

Revive your stale loaf in the oven at 175°F for 15-20 minutes.

*Technical note: Staling has nothing to due with water loss, as bread actually only loses about 1% of water content as it ages. Rather, the gelatinized starch molecules form into crystalline regions, causing a tightening effect on the bread. By reheating it, you can temporarily disrupt the less stable regions of the chains comprising the starch molecules.

Customer Reviews

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Healthy Sure Tastes Delicious

I have been buying a multi seed bread for a few years now. It is absolutely delicious. With under six ingredients all of which are natural it couldn’t be better.

Sallie Hall (Miami, US)

Keep up the good work and please be aware of the problems that often accompany expansion. Please keep your eye on quality and you’ll be fine. MILAM is a great move and way to expand! Thanks

Barbara Blanton (Sikeston, US)

Very Harty & good quality

Yamary P.


Michele R.

The multigrain is fabulous!